Curried Chickpeas

curried chickpeas

Warming spices, aromatic ginger and garlic, saucy deliciousness. A quick and easy weeknight meal. Simmer chickpeas in a large pot with pureed tomatoes, spices and steeped black tea. Cook up a pot of rice and you’ll be eating a hearty comforting meal, better than any take out chickpeas in no time at all.

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Simple Chicken and Rice Soup

chicken and rice soup

This soup is easy to put together and is packed with hearty and comforting flavours. Don’t be deceived by the strange purple colour, this is the soup I crave when I’m feeling under the weather. Mine may have (accidentally) turned purple. I didn’t think that through when adding purple carrots, but if you stick to orange carrots you can avoid this. Maybe I just need to see the positive… purple foods = anthocyanins = good for you.

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Orange Beef and Broccoli

Orange Beef and Broccoli

A little sweet, a little spicy and a lot savoury…here we have large pan of (grass fed and finished, local) ground beef and some early season local organic broccoli, that we smother in an orange sauce creating a meal that is so So SO tasty! This recipe is super flexible, don’t have broccoli on hand? no problem substitute some kale, cabbage or kholrabi. No ground beef? use ground pork, chicken or turkey. The options are nearly endless and the results are truly satiating.

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